Friday, July 16, 2010

Rolling Stones DVD Stones in Exile

Recently, the Rolling Stones re-released "Exile on Main Street". Their 1972 masterpiece, over-time, has been regarded as the band's greatest album. The new version includes 10 new tracks. These tracks are mostly unfinished recordings from the "Exile" recording sessions, with new instruments and vocals added as needed. If you are a Stones fan, I'd definitely check the new release out. There is also a release that only contains the new material, if you do not want or need to buy the original tunes. A good deal of media announced the event of the re-release as well.

Recently, the band released a companion DVD  to the re-release titled "Stones in Exile". The Rolling Stones are my favorite band and I'd pretty much buy anything they release this side of duets album with Yoko Ono. (I actually have a Yoko Ono song with Keith Richards playing bass on video) The timeline of the DVD starts with the Stones leaving England in 1971 for tax purposes, covers the recording of "Exile on Main Street" in the south of France in 1971-1972, through the final recording sessions in Los Angeles and ends during their tour in the summer of 1972.

I'd recommend this DVD to fans of the Rolling Stones. I'd also recommend it fans of rock n' roll in general or even fans of documentaries. It is a really neat piece of video. There are some clips that you may have seen from past releases and pirated video that can be found online but, there is plenty of new footage here as well. I have seen and read most everything available about the band and I still saw things I have never seen. The DVD captures a transition period in the Rolling Stones career as well as the transition period in rock n' roll. The unique recording circumstances and the interview archives are still great today. The love they had for American music really comes through on this release. That love has helped to draw me to the old blues musicians, who I now count amoung my favorite artists.

Anyway. There is a lot to like here. There are some neat interviews with Benicio Del Toro, Sheryl Crow, Jack White and many others, showing the impact the album has had on them. There are also new interview snippets with the band. If you are a fan of the band, I'd buy this for sure. It can be had at any music store or for about 14 bucks at Target/Best Buy. If you are a fan of music in general or 60s/70s music specifically, I'd take a look at this DVD as well.

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